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Services: Graphic Design | Web | Social Media | Video

The Challenge: Video
After developing a new training course, Vector came to 4M Multimedia wanting to create a series of videos that explained what candidates would learn from their course, how it will benefit them, what type of interested individual would make a good candidate for their courses and what sets their training apart form other training courses in their industry.

Vector Controls & Automation – Videos

Vector Controls & Automation – Web Graphics

The Challenge: Web
After having a website presence for a while, Vector needed to update their homepage, have new signature graphics and have new web banners; therefore, needing graphic assistance to bring their web presence back to life to better present the service in the industry they provided.

Vector Controls & Automation – Print Graphics

The Challenge: Graphic Design (print)
When meeting with clients, Vector needed a printed full page flyer to explain what their company was about along with services and products they provided. The challenge was to have all the information with minimal design distractions, easy for the eye to navigate with a simple clean look.

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