National Oilwell Varco (NOV)

Services: Animation | Video Production | Graphic Design

The Challenge: Work as the Liaison between the internal IT Department and the rest of the company to ensure up-to-date knowledge on software and information regarding Cybersecurity. When new software would be rolled out to the company, I created “How-to” and “Tips and Tricks” videos regarding the software they were using to minimize repetitive calls to the Support Department. Also, I created mini-documentary style short videos about real-life situations within the company when the company was breached or almost breached by hackers. My informative videos saved the company at least $200,000 within a month period.

The Animation Process: This process consists of knowing multiple softwares and skills. I use my drawing and sketch artist skills to design and create illustrations to use in an animated videos. After the sketch is done, I scan the images and convert them into a Vector Format using Adobe Illustrator, separating each movable piece into separate layers. To animate, I use Adobe After Effects or Character Animator depending on the subject needing animation. Once the animation is complete into separate video clips, I use Adobe Premiere to edit a complete version the video. If Voiceover’s are needed, I use Adobe Audition to clean up the audio before importing it to the final edit in Premiere.

Some of my work can be seen on the NOV Youtube Channel

Although the video link below is not my work, it does express the style of videos I was responsible for making to get an idea of my capabilities.

Let’s build something together.

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