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The Challenge: Web Presence
The Project: Website Development

During the beginning stage of Locomovements, we were asked to take on the development of Loco’s website. Working closely with the owner, we were able to create a site expressing all aspects of the company, while having the ability to update and show class schedules for attendees to join. Loco now has a web presence and is consistently growing.

The Challenge: Print Promotion
The Project: Promotional Poster Design

When families and parents began to show an interest in Locomovements, it was the companies best interest to capitalize in an area where not only possible attendees showed interest, but also promoted the classes associated with the industry. We worked on developing the perfect design that caught viewers attention and was able to promote the important information at a quick glance.

The Challenge: B2B Marketing
The Project: Press Kit (Digital/Print)

While working closely with the owner, we designed and developed a Press Kit that is made easy for businesses and decision makers to quickly learn about the product and brand of locomovements. It was also designed to easily download, email, and print if needed in a hight-quality format.

The Challenge: Informative subscription Marketing
The Project: Video Production
(Video currently in editing process)
With video becoming one of the most important forms of marketing, we worked on a simple video concept that was easy for viewers to grasp, maintain interest, while understanding what locomovements is about and the benefits and knowledge it posesses as a company.

The Challenge: Standing out visually
The Project: Stylized Photography

Locomovements wanted to standout visually while also expressing a luxurious feel and unique style like no other. With this decision, the owner decided to start using real photography rather than stock photos like most companies. We worked with Locomovements to test image lighting in different times of the day. We found that photos taken at dusk with less harsh lighting worked best and created a style that gave a luxurious and wellness feel like no other.

Locomovements Marketing & Branding

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