Why time is important to a Graphic Designer

Graphic Design and the amount of work that is involved in many projects can be a little misunderstood to most people.

I had a discussion with my brother-in-law recently and we talked about the amount of training he needed to do his mechanical job. It took him many hours of training and multiple classes to learn the knowledge it takes to do his job. After thinking about it, I began to realize why most people don’t understand the amount of work it takes to design. Even though a design is something that I’m creating in my mind and not with something tangible, I feel it gives an impression that designing is easy. I’m here to tell you it’s not. Coming up with a concept for a design is just a piece of the process to make a design most viewers will be drawn to.

A Client Experience

I once had a client ask for a group of children’s animal designs for a project that involved teaching children Spanish. When meeting with the client I asked a series of questions to better understand the style they were looking for in these animal designs. After I asked my questions and had a good idea of the client was looking for, the client asked if she can have the designs within the hour. Shocked by the question, I did my best to not make a surprised face and with a professional attitude I told her it would take me a couple of days. She then said, aren’t you just drawing them? It shouldn’t take you that long right? Again, I was shocked by her response and realized that she isn’t a designer so I couldn’t get angry since she didn’t know the process involved.

Graphic Design is an art, literally and technically you are an artist even though you aren’t dealing with paintings and sketches. When designing anything from a simple business card to a booklet, time is important and how you manage each project. It may take some designers a couple of days to design a business card when it may take others a few minutes. It all comes down to what the client wants and how involved the design is.

My Solution

Instead of going by my time, I design the best I can as fast as I can. Most designers take their time because they’re paid hourly. I’ve decided to cut costs for my clients and save time for myself by so it’s a win win. I design without wasting my own time and clients get a design quick without spending too much money and wasting time for them as well. What that has accomplished is a solid reputation showing my clients the abilities I can provide so they feel they are never wasting money.

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