Amateur VS Professional Graphic Designer

As a professional it’s very easy to spot an amateur Graphic Designer, but as a client in search of a good graphic artist it can be tricky. I’ve seen a lot of businesses hiring for graphic artists make potential graphic designer employees give them a design sample. But if you want a professional, making sure they understand how to use the softwares involved such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign isn’t enough. To put it in simple terms on what to look for as a client it really comes down to one main thing. That’s making sure the design will attract the target audience in a very easy way. Most designers, especially amateur’s get lost in what they think looks great as a designer, when they really should be thinking of the client’s audience.

Below is a very I found by “Setori Graphics” that explains the process perfectly.

First he shows a sample from an Amateur, then describes and explains how changing the layout and removing clutter can make a huge improvement on how an ad can attract an audience.

I get it, when I first became a Graphic Designer right out of college I wanted to show my skills and make my designs stand out. But after 15 years in the industry and working with many clients, I slowly started to realize that designs were more than just making a design look cool. I had to think more about the audience. I had to realize that most viewers glanced at a design for a few seconds so it was crucial to not only getting their attention, but have them realize “clearly” what they were looking at, then having them realize that whatever product or sale was being advertised could positively affect their life, to eventually having the viewer make a decision relating to the design. So it’s very important to make sure every design is removed of clutter, is very easy to read and is also easy to understand what product or service is being promoted.

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