2 Simple Ways to Know You Have a Good Graphic Designer.

If you’re in the market to find a graphic designer to handle some or all of your work, with many graphic designers available these days, it’s hard to tell if you’ve just hired a good graphic designer or a bad graphic designer.

First, it’s very hard to create a design that a client wants because in a sense, we are trying to take what you have in your mind and create it into something everyone can see. That in itself is challenging when you think about it. So to get the right design a client is looking for takes time, effort, research and countless hours of style creations.

A Graphic Designer who is also an Illustrator

For example, if you know you want a design involving an illustration; it sounds simple to say it in simple terms like that but to a designer that could mean anything. First of all, a designer and an illustrator are two different types of people so you know you have a good graphic designer if they are also an illustrator. If they are, you’re in luck. But for them to determine what you want you will need to decide what type of illustration you need. There are illustrations such as woodcutting, metal etching, pencil, charcoal, lithography, watercolor, and many more.

Get a good referral

Another thing to take into account is if your graphic designer makes timely responses to give you updates. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a client tell me they worked with a designer and after a month or two they didn’t hear from them again or follow up on projects. As a client I can completely understand how this can be frustrating but let me assure you that there are still good designers out there. A way to find out if they are good is to have someone who has worked with a designer refer one to you. Keep in mind that they should have already worked with them.

There are many other ways to know if you have a good graphic designer but these are just two you can start with. Remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re thinking about having a graphic designer do some work for you.

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