Keeping the right mindset to succeed

There’s a lot of things that happen to a lot of people. At times it may seem like the whole world is coming down on you or, you may see or know someone where you think to yourself,”How did they get through all of that?” Well being that I’m the oldest of five and now have a family of my own, throughout the years I’ve had my fair share of obstacles. Even when I was single and didn’t feel self worth, it’s nothing compared to the fear I’ve felt recently knowing that I’m not only taking care of myself anymore, I’m taking care of a family.

Today, I was doing some reflecting because I’m honestly going through a struggle at the moment, but what I’ve noticed is that this time, it doesn’t seem too bad. In the grand scheme of things, I know it looks like I should be freaking out at the moment if you’re someone who is looking at my situation from an outside perspective. I have my family, and there are many other families and people that are doing a lot better than me. But here’s where it gets interesting, I know there are a lot of people who aren’t doing as good as I am. Now when I was younger I know I didn’t really feel that way. I may have thought about it but I don’t know if I really felt it. But my feelings don’t end there, I also know that I’m going to succeed. In the past, I know I didn’t feel that way. When I was younger I desperately wanted to give up. I felt worthless, alone, judged, and mostly unsupported. It’s taken a very long time to get through all of that but throughout the years, I’ve studied the success of other very successful people. What most people don’t realize and what I didn’t realize in the past is that everyone has had their fair share of struggles. But the successful people somehow knew they’d get past it. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m going to get past it. One of my favorites is Jordan Belfort. At one point he had it all and in an instant it was taken all away. But he knew that he would become successful again and come out a better person. Another one is Grant Cardone. He remembers the moment he was going to make a difference.

It’s the unexpected curves that will make your life interesting

Throughout your life you will meet many people. I’ve learned that it’s the people that you surround yourself with that could make a huge difference in your success. First, you must realize that most people you know, may not want you to succeed. It’s sad, but that is something I’ve had to learn throughout the years. Also, a lot of these people will be the closest to you and what’s even crazier, a lot of these people who don’t want you to succeed will act as your supporter. You must trust your instinct to know the difference when they’re trying to give you advice. One of the best pieces of advice that I got was from a stranger I had met at an event I was helping my parents with at their business and it stuck with me. He was an older gentlemen that was fairly successful in the eyes of most people, but was explaining to me all the struggles and obstacles he faced throughout the years. One of them was being in-prisoned in another country while that country faced a civil war. When he escaped, he explained to me that most of the other people lowered their head in self-pitty while in the prison. And although it was a huge shock to him when he first entered, he realized it was just another obstacle in his life to realize what was most important to him. So when he got out, it was easy to know what to do because he wasn’t going to waste his life on the things that didn’t matter. He then told me two quotes I would never forget and has stuck with me all these years. The first one is,” It’s the curves in life that will make your life interesting.” When you watch a movie, you don’t watch a movie without obstacles. It’s the obstacles that make the movie interesting. And the second quote is,”If you want to make God laugh, try telling him your plans.” So when an obstacle arrises in your life, it’s not to pull you back to make you a worthless person, but to make you a stronger one. It is our choice to view each obstacle how we want. But it truly takes a strong-minded person to realize the benefits and gifts that each obstacle brings.

If you’re reading this and going through an obstacle yourself, no matter how large or small the obstacle is; it WILL pass and there WILL be a day when you look back it and realize it’s worth. Furthermore, if tell someone else how you got past it; they will look at you as courageous for getting through it. So be the person who is courageous and not the person who fell victim to the obstacle.

Keep the right mindset to succeed

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