Whether you’re a company wanting to hire a drone operator or already own your own drone. There are many laws in place that you may not know exist that could cost you hefty fines.

If you’re a company wanting to hire a drone operator

Questions to ask the drone operator to know they’re legit.
1. If your UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) registered with the FAA?
2. By law, what is the max altitude you are allowed to fly your drone?
3. Do you have the necessary apps to alert the FAA you will be flying your drone and what area?
4. Will you keep your drone in your line of sight while flying?
5. Do you know the restricted areas you are not allowed to fly?

If they answer “No” to any of those questions, find another drone operator immediately.

Drone Registration

When it comes to operating a drone, you must have your drone registered with the FAA. Once you have it registered you should receive a UAS Certificate of Registration that must be located on the drone in a visible area. If you need to know more about registering your drone or would like to get it registered visit www.faa.gov for more information.

Max Altitude

By law, there is a max altitude a drone operator can fly to make sure it doesn’t interfere with any other flying aircraft in the area such as a plane or helicopter. That altitude is 400 ft. So any UAS (drone) must fly below 400 ft.

Apps used while flying your drone

Having the following apps makes flying extremely easy. Not only for location, but for alerting the FAA for permission to fly and to be aware of any restricted areas near where you are flying. These apps are B4UFlY and Airmap. Both apps can be downloaded onto your phone and are easy to use.

Keeping your drone in your line of sight

Not knowing where your drone is while flying can be dangerous. You cannot always rely on what your drone sees because it can only see so much. It’s like driving a car and only being able to see out your front windshield without side windows, a rear view mirror or side mirrors. And oh yeah, not checking your blind spot. While it may sound easy, knowing the exact distance of obstacles around your drone can be tricky.

How to know restricted areas

This is where the B4UFLY app comes in really handy. Once you have downloaded the app and login, it will locate your area and highlight any areas around you that may be restricted.

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