Now some of you are probably wondering what I’m talking about when I say “Maximize your video real estate for YouTube”. But those of you who upload to YouTube regularly or even just watch videos on YouTube as most of us do, you may notice that when viewing a video on your phone and you turn your phone to the side (horizontally), some of the videos won’t take up the full screen on your phone or won’t rotate at all because the video is too small. Well I’m here to talk about how to make sure you get your video to take up the full screen when rotating your phone so you MAXIMIZE YOUR VIDEO REAL ESTATE.

Let’ start by using Instagram as an example of how to think about it. When we take a photo with our phone, we usually make sure our phone is vertical so it takes up most of the real estate on Instagram when we upload our photos; making sure we don’t get our photos cropped on the sides. Well we have to think of YouTube the same way.

When we turn our phone sideways, we want to see the video at it’s fullest potential.

How do you accomplish this?
You do it by uploading your video in a 2:1 aspect ratio. Now if you’re not a video editor or don’t upload to YouTube regularly and are thinking about it, don’t let this discourage you. it’s an easy step when exporting your video. We are essentially just taking a 16:9 image and stretching it a bit.

So if you’re using Adobe Premiere to do simple edits to get your videos YouTube ready, here’s what you do.
Step 1: Start a new sequence by going to: File > New > Sequence
Step 2: When the Sequence Window pops up, click on the “Settings” tab.
Step 3: Scroll down to the “Video” section under the “Settings” tab.
Step 4: Next to “Frame Size” change the number to: 3840
Step 5: Next to “horizontal” change the number next to: 1920
And you should notice the number next “vertical” change from 16:9 to 2:1 on it’s own.

When doing this, you can upload 4K video and it will fill the screen. However, when dragging a 1080p video to the timeline, keep in mind that  you will need to increase the scale of the clip to 200% (you will not lose quality when uploading to YouTube because when exporting as 4K it will look better than exporting as 1080p).

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